3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Swimming Pool Builder

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Do you offer No Salt, No Chlorine Modern Healthy Sanitizers?

In 2020, your pool builder should at least offer the option to sanitize your pool water with healthy sanitation systems that don’t use salt or chlorine. Salt and chlorine are bad for you and your pool. They both put off chemical by-products known as chloramines that cause cancer and also degrade your swimming pool structure quickly over time. Assuming you want your body AND your swimming pool to last a very long time you should hire a pool builder certified in modern pool technology. The best technology for new swimming pools is the Drinkable Pool Water System. This is also the most expensive system on the market. You can save a few hundred bucks for cheaper brands offering modern technology.

Do you have Insurance?

Did you know that 67% of swimming pool companies do not have valid insurance coverage? This means that if one of the employees of the pool company you have hired to build your pool gets injured on your property you are liable for the injury (and the loss of work resulting from said injury)! Ask to see the builder’s certificate of insurance and make sure that the certificate shows minimum coverage of 1 million dollars for both general liability and workers compensation insurance. If they are properly covered you can relax during the construction project.

Do you have 3 Recent References?Paragraph

You would be surprised how many builders post fake pictures on their website showing beautiful pools they did not build. Get three references and take five minutes to call each one just to make sure your builder is legit. This simple step could save you from some big headaches in the future.