The Best Swimming Pool Upgrade of 2020

The process you choose to use to sanitize your swimming pool water is more important than you might think. Chlorine is great at killing bio-threats in the pool water but it is also very unhealthy for the human body. Saltwater systems which generate chlorine from salt are cheaper than traditional chlorine systems but there is
Do you offer No Salt, No Chlorine Modern Healthy Sanitizers? In 2020, your pool builder should at least offer the option to sanitize your pool water with healthy sanitation systems that don’t use salt or chlorine. Salt and chlorine are bad for you and your pool. They both put off chemical by-products known as chloramines
Choosing between the Ecosmarte and Drinkable Pool Water Systems really comes down to two things.  Are you more concerned about price or quality?  The Ecosmarte system costs less than the Drinkable Pool Water System so if the price is your only concern there’s no reason to waste any more time thinking about it.  Just buy
Yes. But there are better options out there.
The drinkable pool water system represents a significant technological jump forward from the old ecosmarte days. The older ecosmarte technology played an important role in the mid-1990’s alternative water sanitation market. It was the primordial soup in the ever-evolving AOP landscape. However, the drinkable pool water system is definitely a better mousetrap and features much-improved
Crypto causes more people to get sick than any other waterborne illness. This is because salt and chlorine systems on swimming pools are woefully ineffective at killing the cryptovirus and so swimming pools become the prefered nesting space for cryptosporidium. Enter the Drinkable Pool Water System. This new technology generates hydroxyl radicals into the pool
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The best Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system will attack the water sanitation process from several different angles. Make sure that any AOP system you purchase uses a residual sanitation process (i.e. copper ionization), hydroxyl radicals (i.e. titanium grid), Ultraviolet Light (bacterial reproduction prevention), and advanced filtration such as a 3 stage glass filtration system (never
Swimming pool salt systems have been around for two decades now. The risks associated with human health and corrosion damage to pool structure and equipment is well documented. This has led to a massive boom in the “Alternative Sanitation” industry as well as a huge shift in consumer demand patterns. For example, the fastest growing
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