Lazy Day Pool LinersFOUNDED IN 2017 FOR HIGH TECH POOL WATER PURIFICATION was founded by Chris Ward who also serves as President / CEO for Lazy Day Pool and Spa, Inc in Atlanta, GA.  In 2006, Lazy Day Pools dominated the swimming pool renovation industry statewide after introducing drinkable pool water into it’s unique marketing mix.  In the beginning, Lazy Day used Ecosmarte ionizers as the backbone of the system.  However, over the years it became clear that Ecosmarte technology was falling further and further behind rapidly evolving alternative water sanitation technology and Ecosmarte customer service did not meet our minimum standards.  Additionally, at the start, our business model and processes for pushing this incredible technology into the pool market left a lot to be desired.  The high price did not match up with the expected results and although we were finding extremely high levels of success selling the system back then…we knew we could do better.
Year by year we kept testing and tweaking our business model as well as the technology used in the system until at the end of 2015 we had a beautiful and massive breakthrough idea.  We tested our assumptions and the idea proved to work amazingly well and (almost overnight) took The Drinkable Pool Water System from a great alternative sanitizer to a new era of absolutely unmatched value in the pool industry.
Anyone who has educated themselves on The Drinkable Pool Water System would never EVER choose to have an old-fashioned salt system sanitizing their pool.   We sincerely hope you will take the time to look around our website and consume the resources available here.  If your pool builder isn’t sold on the idea please ask him or her to take the time to review the information on our site as well.  Pool builders are human beings and human beings are sometimes reluctant to learn something new.  Pool builders who offer Drinkable Pool Water Systems dominate their markets so you would be doing them a huge favor by insisting that they learn about us and our system before building your pool.


Drinkable Pool Water Systems have been installed on over 100 pools in the Atlanta market and we boast  5 Star ratings from customers all over the internet on popular websites like, angieslist, and Our customers have come to trust us when it comes to keeping their pool water beautiful without the use of chlorine or shock.

LASTING PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE is a new brand with a long history of performance and excellence.  Since 2006 we have been improving pool owner experiences, longevity and health.  We look forward to having you as one of our newest and happiest clients.